Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Peas

Ever since moving here to Pittsburgh eight years ago I have not been able to grow any blooming sized Sweet Peas, my favorite flowers. :( This year, it's been a bit chilly so I found a pack of Renee's Garden ( Windowbox Sweet Peas - Color Palette Cupid in my seed box. They are dated for 2006 so may not be all viable, but they are seeds afterall! Some will grow I am sure! I planted some in a big planter in my backyard and some in the two planters I have up front. I didn't have enough for it to go all the way around so I just did the front and one side of each pot. Hopefully I will get some blooms this year! They are supposed to be frost tolerant, and only 8-10 inches tall. While I don't have full sun as they prefer I am hoping I will at least get SOME flowers! Wish me luck!

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