Friday, March 13, 2009

Orchid Death and Birth

I went to install my new lights today since the power surge a few weeks back ruined them. Afterwards I watered all my orchids only to find out my reliable blooming small Ascocenda died. I suspected something was wrong last week since it was all of a sudden losing green leaves. Today they all fell off and the tell tale signs of a possible bacterial infection. Oh plant down! Hopefully the other one blooms for me this year!

My Paph delenatii is about to bloom. A Tolumnia I got from Main Street Orchids is blooming! I have one in bud...almost in bloom and another that never spiked. Masdevallia Snowbird is in bloom and is holding its last bloom. There is also a mini Dendrobium is in bloom and fragrant. Forget the name of the plant.... A few other orchids are in spike! Guess my bulbs aren't too old! But I will change them out this fall to get the maximum amount of light for winter.

Weather is warming up! It is exciting :D

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