Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Weather

We spent a few days in warmer weather this past week...coming home was a bit of a disappointment! Spring days this year are quite chilly. Nights are cold enough to have a fire going in the fireplace! The only reason I am happy about this chilly weather is that it is not freezing for one and that this will give my sweet peas a chance to grow! I have missed those flowers dearly since I moved away from Seattle back in 2001. They are one of my favorites and I have not been able to grow them here in Pittsburgh with our short spring and fall weathers. They grow, but don't bloom at all. Hopefully it will be a mild summer here. I hate going to the Vintage Grand Prix when it is sweltering hot like it has been the first few years that I have lived here. My hyacinths are still working at it...since my lot is shady they are usually a week or two behind everyone else's bloom time!

Last night, I finally got around to reading my Gardening How-To magazine and found a sugar snap pea that only grows to a height of 18"! It was called Sugar Ann. I just had to order some! I got them from They seemed to have the lowest shipping. Hopefully I can get some to grow! I love those things fresh as I am sure Pele, my bearded dragon, would too!

I haven't planted any pansies this year. Should, but felt lazy :) I do, however, need to get some snapdragons before everyone snatches them all up! Been too busy studying in hopes of getting into the DMS (Diagnostic Medical Sonography) program at school. I am more determined at 30 than ever!

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