Saturday, April 18, 2009

Such a Nice Day

This past Thursay and Friday were really nice as well as today. I'm glad of all three nice days I had to work on Friday since it wasn't quite as nice! I had planned on washing the car and double waxing it today, but my plans were thwarted thanks to J.

At least, I got to get some stuff done outside...spring clean up and planted my snapdragons since they really couldn't have stayed in those teeny weeny pots for any longer. Planted the basil too since it seemed to take cold nights ok. I brought out the sweet potato vines and replanted those. They shrunk a lot. I also replanted the Caladium. I hope it survived the winter. I also planted this Toad Lily my friend, Jen, gave me. It sure didn't look like much out of the package! Just this tiny skinny little root. Guess we'll see if it grows!

I didn't do so well as far as organized planting of my garlic and discovered a few spots I could've filled in so I moved the one garlic I had growing to the spot since it was off all alone without its garlic buddies!

Sure doesn't sound like much in a post, but I am pooped. Ready for sleep again! LOL

My lillies look like they have multiplied over the winter, which is really exciting! Can't wait to be able to share with my neighbor as she really liked my dark red lillies last year. I posted a pic of my front yard can't see too well some of the things that are growing, but it is looking nice in person! If you are nearby, stop by and check it out.

It's supposed to start raining tomorrow for a few days. It's going to feel like a winter day in Seattle next week! Temps are going down so it will give my sweet peas some time to grow! They have already sprouted and peeking out! I am so glad winter is over!

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