Sunday, April 26, 2009


So much for spring! This weekend we had weather up into the 80s/90s! It's just way too hot...I'd like it to be a little cooler! I hope this doesn't mean this summer is going to be sweltering already...

I have had no luck selling my worm tea concentrate so I decided to use it instead. Hopefully, my plants like me for it! I moved all my hanging plants outside today and I even put my Butterworts out in hopes that they grow even better! Put a pitcher plant that I haven't had time to repot outside too as well as my Ascocenda orchid. Put my hangers in the ground ready for plants as soon as they get acclimated to the new bright light! The new begonias I bought are looking absolutely gorgeous! I need to get them in a bigger pot and hang them! Not sure where I am going to hang such a thing, but I'll find a place!

I am a bit late, but I just found my herb seeds from last year and decided to plant a few. Spring in the NE is so unpredictable that it is so hard to start things from seed. I wish I had a greenhouse!

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