Friday, June 26, 2009

My sugar snaps are not tolerating drying out a little at all. A couple
vines have perished. I think I will put new seeds in.

The lilies are blooming slowly this year instead of one big flush of
flowers. The Stargazers still have a ways to go.

Garlic is getting there. It's almost July so almost time to harvest!

Starting new Nasturium and Columbine seeds since neither of which came
up this year. Guess my Nasturtium seeds were too old. My Columbine
just plain didn't come up. Winter must've done it in.

All my mushroom compost washed away in the stormin the front yard.
Gutter needs fixed and Justin wants to put up a divterter too, which
is probably a good idea.

Paph. moquettium is about to bloom! The bud is opening up! Can't wait!

Seed grown herbs are tiny still except for basil. That is catching up
to my store bought plant! Chives is weak as well as parsley & cilantro.

Marigold from seed is doing well. Started 6 and 5 made it. They are
about 3" tall and very pretty, but a ways from blooming!

One of my Amorphallus leafed out after being dormant for two years!
I'm excited! Lots of things growing. Just wished the summer heat would
stay away!

Stay cool!

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