Thursday, June 18, 2009

Post-Storm Mess

So after work today it was nice and sunny....thank god! I came home and noticed that the water washed away my soil in my front yard! There were like grooves in the soil where the water had been! All the soil (I think all?) washed down (it's a hill) and gathered at the bottom covering up all my plants! I had to dig my plants back out as best I could. The storm also knocked all the flowers off my bush! :( Some saffron crocus bulbs got washed out too. Not sure how many I lost...I'll know if saffron crocuses grow in anyone else's yard! Luckily they were dormant so no biggie. I just dug a hole and threw the ones I found into it. Didn't even bother to make sure they were right side up lol They'll figure it out!

A branch fell on my lily/garlic patch in the backyard and broke a lily bud off as well as some petals off a flower. Had to stake 4 of them cuz they were all bent over. A miniature iris of mine in the backyard got washed out! Good thing I looked because it would've died! Looks like a lot of work this weekend besides studying for my test on Monday!

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