Monday, June 1, 2009

Post #100!

Yup, this is my 100th post! :o That's a lot of typing! I went to Lowes to get sticky traps. Found a white peony and a red hydrangea! I had planted a red hydrangea from Park Seed's once, but as with all of the other plants I bought from them, none of them survived. Seeds are ok to buy there, but not plants! I also got two of these little fern like ground covers. Forget what they are called, but I had wanted two blacks, but got a black and a normal green one. Oh well! They supposedly grow in part shade/full sun and do well in drought! So it's perfect....I can do the part shade since it is really dry underneath. I will probably have to water them a bit till they get settled in though. Speaking of which, I forgot to do! Watered some other plants that needed water though. Oops? Oh well....later!

I think I'll plant the red hydrangea up front. I'd like to plant the peony in the back, but not sure I have the space.

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