Sunday, September 13, 2009

Corn Gluten

I mustered up enough energy today, despite having a head cold, and put down my fall application of corn gluten. I know it's not actually fall yet, but it's going to be dry this week so it's perfect time to apply. At least, I hope it is! This will be my second time I have used it in the fall. Supposedly in two more years my yard will be weed free. I guess we'll see! It makes for a nice fertilizer anyway. All these posts online saying it's an expensive fertilizer....I guess it is if you compare it to synthetic/poisonous fertilizer, but it could be worse really. I think I paid $25 for a 50 lbs bag anyway. I still have enough for spring. I think the bag is going to last me four seasons, 2 spring and 2 fall. Seriously, not bad if you divide it out that way!

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