Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orchid Meeting

As I pulled into Costco today, right before going to the orchid meeting, I realized that the "weed" seedlings I pulled out of the front yard the other day were indeed NOT weeds! :( They were the radishes I had planted! Ugh! So now I have to plant new ones!

I had only planned on buying one orchid at the meeting that I had pre-ordered along with some Neofinetia pots. I got to meet the infamous Jason Fischer that so many Phragmapediums are named after! eye caught Neofinetia 'Red Emperor', the one I had originally wanted when this other speaker came to us, but forgot to bring! Unfortunately for a fellow member, who was looking for a non-white one, I had picked this one up! So...I bought it LOL

After Jason's talk, he expressed his regret on bringing so few plants and that he would give us a discount on what was left, which was about eight plants. By the time I got up there to see what was left, there were only three to choose from, two of which were $100 each! thanks! lol So since I did not buy any Phrags from Jason, for which he is known for, I bought Phrag. Barbara LeAnn. Just what I needed! LOL Oh well...I don't buy $100+ shoes so I will just have to wear my orchids!

On a sad note...Don Crawford passed away. :(

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