Sunday, April 25, 2010


So it's about 3 weeks till our last frost date....and the garden centers are stocking up! I couldn't help but buy some stuff!

Found two Caladiums that I thought would look nice in my planters up front since mine are still dormant! Also got two black Heucheras that were pretty and cheap to go into those planters. Still need something tall to go into them... My sweet peas are germinating in there so these will not be planted till later.

I also picked up a new Rosemary and since it was buy one get one free, I decided to try an asparagus! I have not a clue as to how to grow those!

At the gardening symposium marketplace I got a Masdevallia, Fuschia 'Autumnale', Milkweed, Tomato 'Tiny Tim', and another plant I'm not sure what it is called off the top of my head.

I saw that my Bhut Jolokia needed repotting as well as my black cherry tomato so I went ahead and did that. I also put them outside while it was cloudy and about to rain so that the adjustment isn't too harsh going from growing under lights in the basement to full blown outdoors. I may have to rescue them tonight and slowly acclimate them again or re-arrange them so they get a bit of shade from some of the other plants till they get used to being outside.

I am almost done adjusting the two orchid flasks I got to lower humidity. They are doing well so far! Hopefully they will continue to do well.

The garlic has been growing like weeds. I have been foliar feeding them seaweed and fish. The garlic book I read said to do it every two weeks, but I have been doing it more. Hopefully I get a really good harvest this year!

Cyp. Aki is about to bloom! I am excited!!!

The arugula and mustard greens I started from seed has sprouted! I almost thought they were weeds too, but luckily did not pull them before I remembered what they were!

There is also a mystery plant out in my front yard that is ready to bloom. I will find out what it is soon!

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