Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Tries

Since it got warm and since I have been home I have been fertilizing my garlics and everything else with a kelp or fish emulsion foliar feed. I am hoping that following the books I read about growing garlic's advice that I will have a GREAT crop this year! I chopped up the stems that didn't rot over winter and added vermicompost, grass clippings and this soil builder stuff I bought to help the lawn's bare spots.

I also did a similar thing to my two pots out front. Every year they fill with leaves from the big tree out front. There were some dead nasturtium twigs in there also. They were nice, dry and crunchy so I just cut them off at the base and with my gloved hands, crushed them up into fine pieces. I then dropped some sweet pea seeds in each and just brushed the leaf mulch around to make sure they were hidden. Hopefully my new idea works! Forgot to water though....that might help!

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