Monday, July 26, 2010

July Growths

Bleeding Heart is going into dormancy and isn't looking so great. I'm also thinking it ought to be propped up like a peony too. Thinking of replacing the peony next to it too since it didn't turn out to be a Sarah Bernhardt!

Another view of the front.

Red blooming milkweed.

The two camellias I got from the Lyman Estate. The one on the left is pink and the one on the right is white.

The wild acorn squash plant! It's trying to take over my peppers!

Honeysuckle, Dahalia 'Seattle', Stargazer lilies, Black Krim tomato, Cherokee Purple tomato, basil, orange mini bell peppers, dill, strawberry.

The famous Bhut Jolokias are ripening! Be scared! Be very very scared! :P

Black cherry tomatoes growing, but what is that big tomato below?!

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