Thursday, August 7, 2014

No Squash + No Heat = Odd, But Beautiful Summer

It's been a very odd summer. Not that I am complaining since it hasn't been very humid! I have even seen blue skies more often this summer!

Although I still have yet to see a winter squash grow in my squash patch. I see lots of blooms, but no female flowers to be pollinated with. I have, however, harvested a bunch of hot peppers and continue to do so, but I am getting close to the end of my harvest as it has been so cool that the plants aren't flowering much.

The tomatoes are doing well with the exception of the fact that even though my soil tested high for calcium, I am getting blossom end rot! So I have had to pick those off to give the others a better chance. I've added some generic Tums to the soil. That has always worked for me so I guess I should never be with out! I even added ground up egg shells, but I guess that isn't in a usable form yet unlike the generic Tums. I've learned my lesson and will never be without that with my tomatoes!

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