Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Underwatering Peppers & Neem Tree Seedlings

I walked out the other day and saw my whole tray of hot pepper seedlings looking like these two! I immediately let them soak in the dog pool and promptly forgot about them! O_O I rescued them this morning only for it to rain all day! The stalks seem ok, but I did this to another seedling earlier this year and it still has not leafed out yet. I'm hoping these guys will survive as they are the only ones I have left since I was stupid enough to not label the others and now have them all mixed up! I gave two to my BIL b/c I had no idea what they were anymore. I just promised him that they would be hot :)

My baby Neem trees are getting bigger! Some have gotten their first leaves! One of them is a twin! I am having pretty good germination rate so far. I got 25 seeds! 

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