Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Break in the Rain

This little beauty bloomed for me for the first time today! It's been pretty tough withstanding the dog trampling it in order to  hunt rabbits!
My venture into hanging basket squash is yielding returns!
Bought a pack of four of these peppers labeled as Ghost Peppers, the second hottest in the world at the moment. This is my first pepper off of one of these plants so we'll see if they grow true! I have not had good track record buying plants from anyone else but pepper lovers.
The squash is taking over everything! Including the Ground Cherries which were the first that took over everything! You can barely see my Kale to the left there and there is actually another behind there!

I repotted all my new peppers today. Some were ready to be repotted, some weren't....but they all got repotted anyway since I was doing so! This will give them plenty of room to grow and possibly green up! I'm not sure why these look so pale whereas the others look nice and dark green! They all get treated the same!
Anticipation of a beautiful dark Dahlia! I think this is Black Jack, which is new to me this year. I can't wait! I wish they would all bloom at the same time so I could cut the flowers and still have some to enjoy outside! 

I heard on the radio last week that out of 30 days in June, 21 of them were rainy! It was still that way carrying over into July, but today was a nice break in the weather! It was actually a tad hot, but I'll take it after all that rain! Lots of weeds growing in the garden. I just keep pulling! The tomatoes are getting huge and some are putting out fruit. The mosquitos are really bad this year. I just had the citronella candles going with bug spray on and was still getting bitten! I was hoping they had all died off in the cold rain! LOL Fat chance eh? 

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