Friday, May 8, 2009

May Market

May Market is today and tomorrow. This year it was moved to Phipps Conservatory instead of Phipps Garden Center, which was a bit of a bummer, but more parking. The amount of vendors was also quite a bit disappointing. It also did not have that cozy Sunday stroll type of air about it.

I still picked up some goodies though. Got a dwarf iris, variegated basil, variegated mint, 2 ostrich ferns, a type of herb with a pretty bouquet of purple flowers I don't remember the name of, another pot of Hakone grass, a miniature conifer that will max out at 2x3 feet, 2 Black Krim tomatoes, Bay tree, and maybe a few other things I can't remember the moment. I was also given a freebie standard purple, no name, bearded iris, which I gave to my neighbor since I really did not have the place for such a plant and I can just enjoy it in her garden instead. I'm sure she'd gladly share with me if I ever wanted a piece back!

Need to get pictures of all the goodies :D

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