Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things That Are Bad for You...and Good Too!

Just ran across this article on my way to post and thought everyone should read about this! Click here.

Anyhow...about plants! Last fall I had planted these bulbs called Moutain Bells for an "early" spring blooming while nothing else has bloomed yet and they never bloomed. What are they doing now? They are blooming! Or getting ready to at the very least. Guess they did not get the memo!

My Alliums are starting to bloom. They are surprisingly easy to grow, even in a part shade area. I am expecting Gladiator and Persian Blue to bloom as well as my no name Allium I got at May Market the one year.

The rain has finally let up and I was able to weed some of that clover out of my lawn! Temperatures are fairly low also so that gives my sweet peas some time to grow and hopefully bloom!

Yesterday at May Market I couldn't resist and got a black cherry tomato plant, a mystery plant (could be cana or banana), and two seedling plumerias! I also got a ton of lily, daffodil and grape hyacinth bulbs for my neighbor. It was great fun and we sold a lot dispite what was weighing on my mind since the morning vet visit with my dog. Can't wait for next year's May Market! Hopefully I will be able to put in more hours next year b/c it really is enjoyable.

So this past winter killed my hardy banana, two ferns, and Betilla striata.

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