Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Stuff

Yesterday I bought 4 black sweet potato vines and 2 chartreuse ones in case the "potatoes" that I replanted from last year don't show up. I think my front yard is going to look extremely nice this year with all the vines growing! The best part is that I don't have to worry about whether or not they will take over since they won't survive here in zone 6a! I had a surprise plant come up that I had forgotten about. I think it's a Trillium. Good thing I didn't try to dig and plant something there!

I also picked up a pack of four habaneros that I am going to try to grow in the pot on the side of the driveway that I have in my neighbor's yard since that is the only "full sun" I get. Luckily it's a rental property and it also belongs to the man who sold us our house so he doesn't seem to mind much! I gave it some 3-3-3 fertilizer so hopefully these tiny seedlings will grow up fast and start producing some peppers!

The hyacinths are almost done. They sure didn't last long :( I cut most of the stalks and gave them all some bone meal. I hope they are happy campers till next spring!

I also threw my Meyer's lemon tree outside since it is starting to leaf out and bud up too so I hope to have some lemons again! Going to fertilize it well this time around so that I get some BIG lemons! Have to find it a new pot though. It is still in the same pot it came in! Hard to find good looking cheap pots though. I also gave some 3-3-3 to this. It needs it.

My Sugar Ann sugar snap peas are coming up! YIPEE!!! I have yet to figure out a staking solution! Maybe just lots of sticks? Need them at least 2' tall though....I think I will just have to buy some as I don't have enough or any that are that tall.

Some of the herb seeds I planted from last year are sprouting! Some sprouted in record time! Hopefully they will do well and I can put them outside soon.

Now if the weather could just stay cool for a long while...those sweet peas are only about 2" tall!

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Dr. Rae for The Baum Group said...

Reads like you are (and I am) enjoying what you are doing and have done. Plan to keep reading and learning from you - thanks : )