Monday, March 1, 2010

Apologies to the Squirrels

My suet cakes had been disappearing really fast lately as well as the cable ties that keep the door closed on the feeder. I thought the squirrels were getting to it. Afterall...they have before! But the last time, even though the cable ties were gone, the door was still shut! Mysteries! Well I think I have figured it out....bravely I put out another suet cake and it was devoured in no time! These robin sized fat black birds with skinny yellow beaks have been visiting and they are voracious as heck! They are also a bit bossy preventing the other birds from feeding! At least the birds are eating it instead of the squirrels stealing the whole dang thing! Anyway, my aplogies to the squirrels for suspecting them! :)

Paph. lowii in spike in my kitchen window.

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