Monday, March 22, 2010

Re-potting Paphs

I got out of class early today and decided to come home and do something fun! Repotting my Paphs! I got most of them done, but missed a few. I would've finished them off, but my back was hurting. I even repotted a few non-Paphs. That S/H keeps some of them too wet and I found some rotted roots, but luckily those also had some good roots. The Sedeira and Miltonia types seem to hate it as well as the Paphs. Some of the mixes have broken down quite a bit, but some of them are hardly decomposed. I think I will try and summer all my Paphs outside this year. My Paph. wardii seedlings did not seem to have grown many roots at all, but at least they did not lose any either! Hopefully I can get them finished tomorrow!

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