Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recap of Orchid Show 2010

Wednesday: Got there on time at 6pm and found out they were almost done! They had most of the structure up, but I did help out with supplies as well as some other things.

Thursday: Had a L-O-N-G day at the hospital and did not leave on time. Everyone was grumpy and as I was about to leave the house, Dave, my show exhibit partner called to say that our water feature is leaking. GREAT! Ugh. I get there at 6pm only to be told by someone else that our exhibit was leaking. Yes, I know. That just ruined the rest of the day! Ken, Dave's son, came and figured out why our water feature was leaking. THANK YOU KEN! We were able to finish setting up after that. Had everything done by 9:30pm except for covering up the pots with moss, which I did the next day. Missed the vendors coming in so I did not get first pick like usual. :( Picked out some anyway and reserved them!

Friday: Put moss on the pots and helped to clerk the judging! We lucked out and got a small amount to judge! Did not do the preview party...wanted to save my money for orchids! Purchased a few of the orchids I had set aside.

Saturday: Helped Robert's Flower Supply sell orchids. As nice as it was we sold A LOT! I was surprised b/c in the past, good weather = bad sales! Brought home a few more plants!

Sunday: Sold almost ALL the plants for Robert's Flower Supply! WOOHOO! It was another nice day! Even nicer than yesterday! Brought home my last two plants. Didn't get to pick my favorite vendor's brain about un-flasking. :( Will have to email him! Someone dumped out my bottle of wine that no one drank. Grrr! Show is over :(

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Dr. Rae for The Baum Group said...

How wonderful to have these shots to look at; left camera home. Thank you for making these treasures available for us again, and again, and again...