Monday, July 5, 2010

July Growths

Bhut Jolokia peppers growing.

Yellow jacket got into one of my pitcher plants and tried to escape by chewing a hole through the side, but that's where he died still!

Dahalia 'Seattle'

Dahalia 'Seattle' isn't as big as the package said the flower would be... :( Nor is it as yellow as it was shown. There is a lot of pink scattered all over. Maybe they packaged the wrong one in the bag?

Stargazer lilies

Close up of a Stargazer lily. I took off the pollen because they stain everything including me when I am gardening around it! I look forward to its fragrance every year!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Cindi. I have found that when you buy dahlias in packages they are not always what is advertised on the outside..either the color is wrong or (most often) the size is much smaller. A better place to pick up dahlias is ordering on line from a dahlia grower just like orchids from an orchid grower. Dahlias are sized AA down to poms.

Carolyn said...

I was not suppose to be anonymous in previous post..Carolyn

Beth said...

Nice photography! I love looking at gardens.

Those big Oriental lilies are awesome,and the scent is intoxicating. Unfortunately, I've never grown Dahlias because I don't want to dig them up and store them.

Elite Garden Escapes said...

Carolyn: Interesting I did not know that about Dahalias! It did get yellower with age, but still no where near as big as it said! I would say the bloom is about 6" in diameter? Package said 10"...

Beth: Thanks! It's actually not too bad to dig them up. Then again, this is my first year planting it in the ground. Last year it was potted and the soil was much looser.