Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Jungle & Vacation

After being away for a week I came home to a jungle! Well...sort of. It's never good to put someone else in charge, especially if that someone else is male and not into plants! My jasmine and Tiny Tim tomato are in shock. :( My lemon lost its baby lemon! :( Nothing died persay, but stressed for sure!
My acorn squash doubled in size as you can see in the above pic. It has a baby squash growing on it! The marigolds I planted last year has gotten HUGE! Had I known they were going to get that big I wouldn't have planted them next to the peppers! I might need to dig them fact, that's probably a good idea! They weren't nearly as big last year!

Here's two pics of my Dahalia 'Seattle'. I accidentally broke this one so I had to cut it off the plant!

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