Thursday, July 8, 2010

German Red Garlic

Today I decided to check on my German Red garlic. They all had about 4-5 green leaves left, which is a good thing. I decided to harvest them since I'll be going out of town this Saturday. Broke a few skinny stalks from the bulb. Some I could find, others I couldn't. I guess I'll know when they grow next year!

They were not nearly as big as the bulb I originally bought to put in, but compared to my Music/mystery bulbs they were bigger with the exception of the smaller bulbs planted. John said that they like rich soil...I think rich is an understatement since the German family I met just a few weeks back grows theirs in 100% year old compost! I'm gonna have to try that this fall. I need more space though...or grow less lilies, but they are oh so pretty to look at instead of just garlic! Dilemmas dilemmas dilemmas!

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