Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day of Deals

On my way to meeting a friend for lunch today, I remembered I had a Wild Birds Unlimited Groupon to use, but I forgot to print it out! At least I think it was with Groupon! Thank god for the iPhone! I pulled up the app and there it was! I walked in and redeemed it for a bunch of bird food. $15 for $30 worth. Probably ended up paying regular price for it all since that place is so expensive!

But that wasn't the deal...! When I went to do my first walk through to see what was new, there were a bunch of bird baths for 50% off! WOW! These were the heated kind also! The heaters itself usually ran about $40+ and lo and behold....there was a small one sitting right there on a stand even! The lady said if I wanted it, she'd give it to me for 60% off instead! SOLD! :D So I left with my new bird food and heated bird bath. My birds are going to love me next winter! :D

After meeting my friend for lunch, we went to Borders Bookstore. Unbeknownst to me, they were closing and everything was 60-70% off! WOOHOO! I scored a bunch of books there!

After coming home with my goodies, I got to hang out w/ my favorite neighbor kiddos next door. The little boy told me that in the summer I am always gardening :D Imagine the memories he will have with a gardener as a neighbor with really cool plants, feeders and animals! :D

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