Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Warm Spring Day

What an amazing day! I woke up late cuz I stayed up till 3am reading a really good book and I just had to finish it! It was so warm today! It was a bit too warm almost! I got a little bit of a tan line on my feet already!

In the garden, I sprayed the garlic w/ the kelp & fish emulsion spray again. I forget how often you are supposed to do so. I need to refresh my memory again.

I went on a search for all my carnivorous plants I overwintered outside. I almost forgot the two smaller ones! Trimmed all the dead stuff off. They sure could use a bath! I swore I blogged about where I put them, but I couldn't find the post! I hope that this was all of them!

Cleaned up some other plants, thinned the burning bush and all the dead stuff around.

My neighbors got chickens! They are the cutest!

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