Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Herbs & Stuff

I was at the Co-Op today and saw they had some more herbs. I had about 5 of them picked out only to realize they were super pricey! :( So....I put back 3. Picked three things I might use. Turned out to be a good idea as my herb pot is getting a bit overcrowded! Stuff I did not expect to come back did or re-seeded itself! I still have yet to plant all my Helleborus. I did however pot up my dahlias that were sprouting the other day as well as the tulips. I think most of the tulips died tho. :( We'll see!

I ended up losing my Michaelango's Angels umbrella that I have had for almost a decade and a half at the gardening symposium I volunteered at tho :(

It's been raining so much lately I haven't been able to do any foliar feeding of my garlic! The ones getting more sun are much bigger plants!

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