Sunday, April 17, 2011 & Symposium

Hellebore, Hellebore, Trillium, Jack in the Pulpit, Trillium, & Hellebore

This post is a bit late as I did not have time to post earlier...On 4/16 I volunteered at the Chatham University Gardening Symposium. I picked up some stuff, but by the time I was able to shop all the good stuff was gone, BUT...there were some goodies left still! Not only that, but the showy more expensive versions were all sold. All that was left was the stuff that were just coming out of dormancy and MUCH cheaper! So score for me! :D

I wanted Helleborus and I got Helleborus! Five to be exact! Scored two freebie Stevias too! I also got the Trilliums and Jack in the Pulpits. Native plants are nice because they are pretty much guaranteed to grow given the right area! So I am excited! There were a lot of natives there this year, but a lot of them I did not get. I only got the showier ones. :) Some anyway! The one I was most excited about when I found it was the Soloman's Seal. I saw that someone bought one that had come out of dormancy completely and it was GORGEOUS! I so wanted one, but did not find it on the sales table until a few passes later I saw it on the master gardener table juuuuust coming out of dormancy and for $6 only! It's the variegated kind and SO pretty! I can't wait! I am fast running out of space in my yard. I don't know how much more I can cram in it!

Btw, is the vendor that had all the Helleborus and the natives in the first picture. They had some awesome deals! I hope they come back next year!

Stevia, Stevia, Hellebore, Hellebore, mini Hosta, Soloman's Seal

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