Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had outsmarted the squirrels from stealing my suet cakes from my suet feeder by putting a cable tie on the opening since they figured out how to open it to steal the whole thing! Unfortunately, my new suet feeder opens from the bottom unlike my old one that opened from the top. Needless to say...those squirrels maybe smart, but not smart enough to just chew off that cable tie! Instead, they just tried to chew the wires instead. All the plastic that covers the feeder is gone and it is just raw wire now. I'm sure that will rust away soon. Good thing those things aren't that expensive!

I also see some teeth/claw marks on my copper bird feeder. Little bastards! I don't mind sharing, but damnit....don't take it all and don't ruin my feeders!

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stefanog said...

you could instead love and feed the squirrels. they are smart and social animals. they can come close and you can feed them if tehy gain your trust. They have to be alert because of the many predators and save food for the winter. that is smart. they do not eat all the food at once.