Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I got two flowers off my Cymbidium Honey Bunny 'Sugar Candy'. Quite pretty...not quite as yellow as I had expected. Should've maybe gotten the pink instead since the plant is smaller anyhow! I don't think the spike that I broke will bloom either. The buds are all yellow.

My Australian Dendrobium is blooming with two spikes! This isn't the current bloom, but here's a pic of it's bloom last time:

My Paph. lowii is budding! Can't wait...I hope it blooms in time for the show!

The Bhut Jolokia is growing REALLY slow! Just added some vermicompost to them tonight. Hopefully that helps! It doesn't have a very strong root system either so I am hoping that helps too. Otherwise I might give it a blast of rooting hormone too!

I also have a Dendrochilum in spike. That thing blooms so reliably for me each year! I love reliable bloomers!

My Oncidium Twinkle 'Red Fantasy' isn't doing so hot. I need to replant it into bark. It is not happy in semi-hydroponic apparently. I doubt it'll do well in bark again since I didn't do well w/ it in bark before! This might just have to be one of those orchids I have to give up on and enjoy them only when someone else grows it!

Paph. villosum is still going strong, but I suspect it is nearing its end soon as it has been blooming for awhile and they only last about six weeks.

Other than that....need to start planning for spring! I am ready for it!

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