Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will Power!

Went to the orchid society meeting today and managed to not come home w/ another orchid...only b/c I only had $12 in cash and credit cards with me and the cheapest plant was $15 haha! Instead, I got to show off my blooming Australian Dendrobium. A fellow member liked it so much she wants a piece of it when I divide it! Worked out perfectly since she bought the plant I wanted...I told her I'll trade her for a piece of her plant :D

There was a lot of show info going on since our show is in two months. I am hoping I will have something in bloom to show! Dave and I are going to attempt our own exhibit this year. They tried to rope me into doing all sorts of volunteer stuff, but luckily I have already promised my time to a vendor!

Came home after the meeting feeling a bit empty w/o a new orchid, but I had to remind myself the show is just around the corner and I will bring home all sorts then even though I am trying to downsize some so I can grow some of my other types of favorite plant....carnivorous plants! I watered all my plants and threw away three orchids. Yes, I THREW AWAY ORCHIDS! They were dead and weren't going to come back so into the trash bucket they went! There are probably an orchid or two left that maybe on its way out too due to neglect or water getting into its crown and whatnot. Oh well...

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