Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plants Deer Don't Like

While reading my February 2010 issue of Gardening How-To Magazine, I
came across an article that I am always asked about as a Phipps Master
Gardener..."How do I keep deer from eating my plants?" This is what I

• If they are hungry enough they will try anything, poisonous or not.

• Cover up new growth, they love tender new shoots!

Plants they are not fond of:

• bee balm
• boxwood
• daffodil
• hellebore
• lamb's ears
• lavender
• ornamental grasses
• peony
• prostrate (creeping) speedwell
• sage
• Siberian iris
• spotted deadnettle

Things deer don't like in plants...spicy, scented, soft or spiky, but
these don't always work depending on your deer. I can't attest to
whether these work or not as I do not have a deer problem.

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