Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Deals!

Oh man oh man oh man! I love deals! Because I broke my toilet seat last night...I know, never heard of it! I went to buy a new toilet seat! Got one on sale and then headed over to the gardening department at Lowes to get more safflower seeds. My birds are voracious! I watched a little finch flinging all my safflower seeds everywhere! I guess they have learned that if they keep digging the good food will come out since I was layering the no mess seeds w/ the safflower to deter my squirrels!

So lucky me, the safflower was on sale for $1-ish off. Then I saw the Scott's no mess blend was on sale too! 5.5 lbs for $2.39 vs. the other brand I usually get, which is 5 lbs for about $5-ish! So I swiped the whole shelf clean of all eight bags :D

I had also been eyeing the Strawberries & Cream Hydrangea when they first came in, but didn't get one because they were not hardy here in zone 6a. I found one half dead on the sale shelf for $3! But because it looked so bad I got it for $1 instead! I also got a, get this....a THORNLESS blackberry! Also for $3 and perfectly healthy!

I am a happy camper even though I should not have bought more stuff LOL

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