Thursday, May 27, 2010

So much as been going on since my last entry...

My 'Sugar Ann' sugar snap peas are blooming and growing peas! They are quite tasty! I need to grow MORE! Surprisingly, the seeds under the honeysuckle aren't growing as well as the peas in the pots!

My honeysuckle has buds galore and the peonies are about done. :(

I put my Epiphyllums out for the first time (some in full sun!) and I am getting some mega growth on some of them! I am hoping they BLOOM!

Planted all my peppers except for Bhut Jolokia because I plan on overwintering it indoors. It has buds already at 4" tall! I gave my future Uncle B-in-law some seeds and my future Dad-in-law a plant I had started later. Both their plants are the same size if not taller than mine, but it takes about 180 days to reach maturity and mine has buds already, albeit small buds! They are buds nonetheless! I will be drowning in hot peppers this fall!

My Dahalia 'Seattle' has grown back! I was wondering if it would cuz by spring it was looking a bit shriveled up. I planted it in the ground this year because the peas are in the big pot it grew in last year. I might have to dig it up and transplant it because if it gets really big it's going to block my tomatoes, which is growing right next to it.

I still gotta find room for my one leftover ostrich fern, oregano, columbine and asparagus. I think I'll plant my thornless blackberry (Really! There is not one thorn on it!) in my neighbor's yard. It's a rental and there are already raspberries there. The owner said we were welcomed to eat from them as well as the fruit trees. He was the one who sold us our house too.

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