Monday, May 31, 2010

All the tiny buds on my Bhut Jolokia!

Look at all the tomatoes on my Micro Tom!

My find at the Bonsai show. Thought this had an interesting shape to work with.

My Bouganvilla bonsai I bought at the bonsai show. It had two flowers on it, but I knocked it off when I took it out of its bag! :(

Paph seedlings on top, Bulbophyllum seedlings on the bottom.

Tiny Tom!


stefanogiovannini said...

I got into peppers as well. Bought Bhut Jolokia and Jamaican Chocolate Brown at Farmers market and sowed seeds of Scotch Bonnets imported from Jamaica. How do you grow yours? will you overwinter it? keep in a pot [size]? thanks

Elite Garden Escapes said...

Sorry for such a late reply...I didn't think anyone was leaving comments :) I will take my Bhut Jolokia back inside to overwinter only because they take forever to grow when started from seed. My current plant that has fruit I started last August!