Friday, May 7, 2010

May Market 2010

Went to May Market today. I thought I was early enough, but people were already shopping by the time I got there! I bought a Cherokee Purple tomato (since they didn't have my favorite, Black Krim), Micro Tom tomato, Thai Red Hot Pepper, Red Habanero, Doll's Eyes, Twinleaf, and a dwarf Ginkgo! I also ate the famous mushroom sandwich and also had the mushroom bisque. Managed to burn my hand pretty well on the bisque! Don't ask...! I also had to have the famous strawberries too!

In the afternoon I manned the Pot-A-Plant booth, which was total disaster. The tent we were in was away from all the vendors and no one came by. There were no signs to show the customers what was going on in our booth and we weren't part of the festivities. Oh well....! Tomorrow I go back for the same thing, but it's supposed to be cold, windy & rainy! :o

First Slide:

Left: Doll's Eyes - Actaea pachypoda, Woodland plant with small white blooms in May with white berries with black "eyes" in late summer. Grows 1-3' tall in part to full shade.

Right: Twinleaf - Jeffersonia diphylla, Woodland plant with white flowers growing singly on each stalk. Leaves are divided into two leaflets growing 1-2' tall in shade and average soil.

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