Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birds, Finds, Growth and Disappointments

My bird feeder seems pretty popular. After the rain stopped today it was buzzing with activity! It's probably because I never let it run out. Soon as it gets low, I fill it! I love watching the Mourning Doves peck around. They remind me of mini wild chickens or something! My lily leaves are less deformed from insects eating them this year. I think the birds had to do with that!

While I was out there tonight, I also noticed that someone had weed whacked two of my garlics! They are completely beheaded! Not one single leaf left! I don't know if they will be ok. They are supposed to start bulbing soon...they might not make it :(

My sugar snap peas are getting quite tall, but no signs of buds yet! The Arugula and Mustard Greens are growing quite well, albeit small still.

Yesterday at Lowes, I found 2 qt. size basil and oreganos for $1 each! All looking quite healthy too! I picked up four basil and two oregano! I also picked up a new peony. I couldn't help it...they were so pretty in bloom! At least this way I'll know it is blooming sized already! I think I have the white one I picked up last year on sale planted in too deep of shade. It should've bloomed this year I think, but then again, it was a pretty small plant last year. I will give it one more year before I try and move it.

Now that those trees are gone in the backyard. I was thinking of planting some sunflowers there as well as my two new peonies. I think I will add my veggies there too. It's a nice location for those items as it gets a lot more sun than the rest of my yard does. Hopefully the tree stumps won't be in the way for the peonies. I hope they rot quickly, but then again, the one in the front yard is STILL there....! :\

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