Wednesday, May 7, 2008


As I take walks around the blocks in my neighborhood...I notice everyone else's yard is growing and blooming, but mine??? I have the same plants, but mine are barely peeking out of the earth and theirs are like "Hey! Look at me!" I wonder if it is the shaded yard I have or what? I am beginning to wonder if I even deserve the title "Master Gardener"??? Or maybe my plants are in culture shock in my yard?

So here's what I took pics of today....left: close up of a thyme bloom. So dainty! Top right: bloom of this creeping plant I took a "cutting" of. Below: dainty blue flowers from this shade plant I bought...forget the name at the moment.
To the left is my front yard again...see how SLOW things are growing??? To the right is my Heuchera blooming! I had no idea they bloomed! Just thought the leaves were a pretty color! Or maybe I did when I bought it, but forgot :)

So down the left is my bleeding heart...not bleeding yet of course! Nothing is....ugh. Below are my two alliums in bud, one even has TWO buds! Woohoo! I only planted the one just last year, not sure which now, but the other one has been in there for two years now.

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