Thursday, May 1, 2008

Putzing Around

Pulled lots of dandelions that are flowering. Planted yellow snapdragons in my planters out front with the pansies. Checked to make sure my peacock lily bulbs aren't too far up though so that i wouldn't dig them out. Pinched back flowers on my pansies. My alliums have buds! One was only planted last year and I got it at May Market for something like a buck! Can't wait! My red hydrangrea is D-E-A-D! I knew it when I got it last fall. :( The little Japanese Maple made it! So did the Heuchera, which I was glad to see. I was worried about those two. I need to trim the Heuchera.

Planted my dill in the backyard and I was really surprised and happy to see that I still had worms in the garden, but they might be the red wigglers that came with the compost I put in last fall! I have not see those large night crawler type worms in a long time. I think they all died when bf used non-organic fertilizer and weed preventer. :(

Last Sunday I made a great find on my way to a fish auction. I saw this nursery on the side of Rt. 8 and had to stop by on my way back. I got lucky...I had 10 minutes! Picked up a shade tolerant honeysuckle! Can you believe that?! I also got chocolate and orange mints, two packs of habanero pepper starters since I sun burnt bf's seedlings! I got that dill I planted there also. I was a happy camper :D

So I tried to figure out where to put my hardy banana, but i have no idea where to plant it! I think I should move the Alliums after they are done. I don't like where they are. I also planted a black elephant's ear a few days ago. It looked pretty weak when I got it in the mail, but hopefully it will grow well! I got these creeping plants too awhile back from Lowes. They're chartreuse and I hope they will grow and cascade over the wall. It would be pretty. Hopefully they won't overtake the garden...I am always hesitant to plant things like that! Planted the two sweet potato vines near the Japanese Maple so I hope they will cascade down the hill and look pretty too! The lillies in the backyard and the garlic are up! Lots of activity going on here! I think my Cyprepedium has died though :( Ugh....2nd one already! Can't get the dang things to grow!

Here's a pic of my front yard:

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