Sunday, May 18, 2008

Volunteering at May Market

So today I put in my 4 hours for Phipps at May Market doing the green room teaching visitors how to "go organic." Still need more Phipps hours though to get to my require 18 minimum! Prior scheduled volunteer time I arrived early (hours early!) so I could get a good parking spot and did some more shopping. Found a Sambuca nigra 'Black Lace,' two Caladiums (one freebie and one for $1!) and a Hakona grass (shade tolderant grass!). I also got a freebie tomato! Never did find my white Hellebore though :\ I got the required fondant dipped strawberries as I have each year since discovering them and this year they even had some of the fondant for sale so I bought a $4 brick to be used later! Mmm....! There were these GORGEOUS peonies that were a cross between the herbaceous type and the tree peony type, but required full sun, none of which I had! Hardy like the herbaceous kind, but colorful like the tree type! Someday...

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