Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Backyard

My little herb garden...chartreuse oregano (will have to save this come fall since it comes back!), lemon verbena, variegated thyme and 3 different lavenders.

The patch in front of the garage...the shepard's hook has two Vanda orchids on each hook and a Hoya carnosa in the middle.

Close up of the patch in front of the garage. This was not well planned. I just shoved bulbs in there last fall to prevent them from dying. There is a black beareded iris (I will have to move this as it is too close to the wall!), garlic, dill, zucchini (planted after i took the pic) two different types of lillies, a lipstick strawberry and a oregano that survived the winter! The potted plant is my new partial shade/shade honeysuckle! Need to figure out a trellis situation for it though...whether I buy a trellis or make an invisible one with thick fishing line hooked onto the garage itself.

The corn gluten is working really well! The dandelions are starting to bloom. It's like a bright yellow flashing light that says to me "Hey! Dig me up!" Makes for easy weeding! The clover has gone crazy, but at least it is beneficial to the grass by putting nitrogen back into the soil. The new grass I sowed is coming in nice and green. I also just ordered some rhizomatic grass from so hopefully the bare patches will fill in! That way if it is as tough as it says I can start putting the corn gluten in the lawn too! The ferns that I thought were dead are *slowly* making their way up! Now I can start planting those other shade plants I bought!

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