Saturday, May 17, 2008

May Market

It was way too early yesterday morning, but I did get to May Market in time to not only get a good (FREE!) parking spot, but between my two neighbors and I, we cleaned out 5 of the 6 Black Krim Tomatoes! I took two and they each took one. They both bought many more tomatoes because they had more sun since they were planting in their front yard also. I did bring my map that my friend, Jen, drew up for me. Picked up a foamflower, which is really neat if you have never seen one! So delicate looking! I got two ferns, ostrich and the other one didn't have a name on the tag. Hopefully, when I go back tomorrow (Sunday) to volunteer I can still get the name. I also got a toad lily, not what I was thinking of at the time of discussion, but unique leaves! Quite fleshy and big... I also got two air plants and a jewel orchid on top of all that (that was probably the most expensive purchase at $28!). Would've bought more had it not been rainy, muddy and cold! My $40 super lightweight umbrella from the Tokyo airport broke while I was there! I was left to borrow my neighbor's umbrella since she had a coat on with a hood. That did not make for enjoyable shopping! Lesson learned: Do NOT bring an umbrella with you while plant shopping! DOH! There was also a Japanese Maple 'Filigree Lace' there for $40! Too bad it wasn't there LAST year when I went! I spent like $70 for the one I have and I'm not so sure it's the type that I had wanted! Not lacy enough!

So anyway...woke up late today and moved the succulent in the front yard, planted the foam flower, put the toad lily in, moved some saffron crocuses and placed the unnamed fern where it said on the map. Rain started falling so I didn't get to the fern, but it looks good where Jen said to put it! Just needs to get "taller" so that it can enhance the Japanese Maple as it gets lost with dark brick as its background. It's essentially the same color as the maple! I think I'll pick up a white hellebore tomorrow if there are any left. I really do need something in the middle up front. I think I also need some plants with winter interest too. I need to also get some pictures of the plants I bought so ya'll can see what they are.

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